Pesticides are harmful–particularly for kids.

We need strict pesticide application rules on public property, particularly near where children live, learn, and play. We need to ensure that aerial pesticide use does not pollute our waterways through strict rules governing spraying and buffer zones. Cosmetic pesticide use is unnecessary and detrimental. Homeowners, farmers, businesses, and local government need technical assistance for transitioning to non-toxic alternatives. Vermonters have right to know who is using chemicals, where, when, and how pesticides are being used, and why. It’s time for more health-protective pesticide regulation.

Additionally, certain pesticides, called neonicotinoids, are extremely harmful to bees. Home Depot, Lowes, and other stores have committed to phasing out the use of these pollinator-killing neonicotinoids. But Vermont’s neonicotinoid usage is going up. Without bees, Vermont’s agriculture doesn’t stand a chance. Vermont must commit to phasing out neonicotinoids.


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